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» What constitutes the agreement between you and R&M Adventure Hostel?

Your confirmation of your booking, in writing, by telephone, by e-mail or in person, duly confirmed in turn by us, is the basis of the agreement between you and Adventure Hostel. The general terms and conditions detailed here form part of this agreement.
· Telephone : +41 (0)81 422 12 29 
· Handy +41 79 384 29 36
· Email :
R&M Adventure Hostel Klosters
Rafting & Mountainadventure GmbH
Landstrasse 171 
CH-7250 Klosters



All prices are understood to include value added tax (VAT) at the current rate and health-spa duty (Kurtaxen). A deposit is payable at the time of booking.


» Conditions of payment:

The remainder should be settled upon 30 days for arrival.


» Cancellations and amended bookings:

Cancellations or changes to bookings are only valid if confirmed in writing, with a signed copy in the possession of Rafting & Mountainadventure. The following costs shall apply:
Changes/cancellations made for 15 days prior to arrival: no costs.
Changes/cancellations made between 14 and 7 days prior to arrival: 50% of the price of the package.
Changes/cancellations made between 6 and 1 days prior to arrival, no show: 100% of the price of the package.


The date of cancellation is defined as the date on which the booking office receives written confirmation of cancellation. The costs of cancellation may be covered by cancellation insurance in certain circumstances, if you have taken out an appropriate policy.


» Cancellation due to reasons beyond our control:

Rafting & Mountainadventure GmbH and Partners may, for reasons of safety, cancel a holiday package at short notice as a result of force majeure, political unrest, strikes, natural disasters, weather, etc. If this occurs, any payments that you have already made will be refunded in the form of a credit note. Rafting & Mountainadventure GmbH reserves the right to change the programme of activities or modify some of the agreed arrangements when unusual circumstances render it necessary (force majeure, adverse weather conditions, natural hazards, official decisions or security risks ).


» Exclusion of liability/Assumption of Risk:

We do our best to offer our participants the highest degree of safety and security which we estimate as possible during activities. The dangers of the mountains and water flows with which we are confronted sometimes lead to unforeseeable circumstances and situations. We endeavour to use our complete experience to properly estimate and avoid potential dangers. By assuring this we keep the risk as low as possible. Through a booking the participant assumes full responsibility and denies his right to hold Rafting & Mountainadventure GmbH responsible for damage to body or material goods.


» Conditions of participation:

The primary condition for all our activities is to be in good health . The participants must inform Rafting & Mountainadventure GmbH and Partners of any potential health problems. Taking part in an activity while under the influence of drugs, or alcohol or psychotropic medecines is forbidden. You must be a good swimmer for taking part in our water programs. The client is responsible for keeping to the terms of participation and for strictly following the instructions of Rafting & Mountainadventure GmbH and Partners, the guides and auxiliary helpers. If the client does not keep to these conditions of participation or does not follow the instructions, Rafting & Mountainadventure GmbH and Partners has the right to exclude him from the activity. In case of exclusion before the start of the activity, the arrangements for cancellation are valid. In case of exclusion after the start of the activity, the client foregoes any right to a refund.


» Insurance:

The participant is responsible to purchase sufficient insurance or to assure himself that he is sufficiently covered for the activities. A complete and appropriate insurance including accident, safetycosts and sickness is the responsibility of the participant. We recommand membership by REGA for Swiss people.


» Applicable law and legal jurisdiction:

For any complaints, charges or suits against Rafting & Mountainadventure GmbH, the only applicable law is Swiss Federal Law.

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